June 1-30, 2016 - "Syria Before the War" at the Portola Art Gallery, Allied Arts, 75 Arbor Rd., Menlo Park, CA

Gallery representation at the Portola Art Gallery, Allied Arts, 75 Arbor Rd., Menlo Park, CA

Permanent collections at Mission Hospice & Home Care, 1670 South Amphlett Blvd., Suite 300, San Mateo, CA; and Montage Services Inc., 140 Geary St. Suite 1000, Union Square, San Francisco, CA.

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Photographs have a unique ability to inspire reflection, hope and action. They hold the power to spark memories and encourage new adventures. They enable viewers to see familiar surroundings from a fresh perspective, or to explore uncharted territories for the very first time. Through my photography, I hope to educate people about our world, and to interest them in the natural beauty that surrounds us.

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I grew to love the great outdoors. Childhood trips to exotic locations fostered an early appreciation for different places and cultures, as well as a continuing passion for travel. In 2008, I left my job in high-tech communications to travel the world for a year, taking photographs and writing about my experiences. During that time, I built an educational travel weblog (www.wheresfrances.blogspot.com) with weekly photos, as well as historical and cultural information about the countries I visited. Upon my return to the Bay Area, I published a 400-page book of my blog, available online at Blurb.com.

I specialize in portraits of people, wildlife, nature and architecture from my travels to more than 60 countries. I'm particularly drawn to scenes that express the beauty, excitement, humor and diversity of our world, whether through a brilliantly colored blossom or a poignant face in the crowd.

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